Disc Longtivity?

I know this sounds like the million dollar question since MIDs are being introduced all of the time and DVD burning is not all that old, but I’ll ask anyway.

Is there anyway to test how long a disc might last? I did some burnings of TV show rips onto (slightly scuffed) Mirror DVD-Rs and whilst they read verify okay in my BenQ burner - (Starts off at 7x, goes all the way to 11x, dips to 4x for a moment, back up to 12x, dips to 4x again before levelling off at 8x) I fear that I may lose my data from storing on such cheap discs in a few months, which of course is not good.

I burned a backup of ELO: Live At Wembly in March which is giving me good results also - But it is inconclusive. I can’t find it in me to trash a perfectly good disc, but that fear still looms over my head it may go bust in a few months.

Does anyone have any experience with the fake TY discs, by the way?

I know by now CMC MAG. AM3 varies so wildly they are undependable, Ritek G05 is a no no for longtivity, RitekF1 seems to be very good, Fake TYG03 ditto, and any variation of MBI excellent. (Best one out of the lot in my burning experience)

Is there any sort of reports or trends that certain dyes and their longitivity? I can’t find any for Fake TYG03. Anyone shed some light?

Maybe disc longtivity is hyperbole. Although I have my preferences, other than CMC MAG AM3 (which were burnt on a intermittent Pioneer burner) other brand of discs don’t appear to be out and out terrible dyes. If burned on the right gear (Wary of cheap discs on my standalone recorder burning at 1x and a no-name burner inside) I don’t seem to have problems. What’s the deal?