Disc labelling yes or no?

ive started this thread cos we got on to this subject in a post i put on earlier today about compatability and problems ive been having on different machines with skipping.

thought it would be good to find out just how many people do apply labels to there finished dvd`s without problems and how many people if any have had problems due to the labels.

ive been using press it type ok on my psx2 and standalone sony but no good on a couple of my m8`s players skipping and freezing from what others have told me it may be the labels.

if you read this let me know if you apply labels or not and problems encountered if you do…i think this will help a lot of people cos i didnt know about problems it might cause.

thanks in advance

I’ve been putting labels on my DVD-R since the beginning without any problems. I print them on a laser printer in black only and stick them using a homemade centering device. It’s important to put them exactly in the center so that the disc is properly balanced. I don’t see with this method how you could get you disc to skip.

have you tried on many other machines or are you playing on one player?
my sony plays ok with labels but my m8`s grundig wont play with labels interested to see if others know of a problem???
thanx for the reply

Yamaha, Toshiba and Norcent as well as my 3 PC DVD-Rom and DVD-R players… no problem…

I now use hub labels only. Most DVD’s with full labels will not play on my JVC player. I can remove the full label and they play okay so I no longer use them.

I believe it is dependent on the player you use. Some appear to be more sensative then others (and remember, then are many, many brands and many many models).

Explain the difference between full and hub labels please.

cheers for that goober22,
the problems you had was it skipping and freezing or would it just not play???

Hello to all,

I never used labels on my CD’s/DVD’s in the first place.
Just a habit from the past.
Since game CD’s spin in a high RPM a never used labels because it could un-balance the CD/DVD in the drive causing read errors.
So I always write the name on with a black marker.
Never had any problems…and…colour ink cartriges are to exspensive to my taste !
Put them in a box from Discgear and write the name on the selector sheet.
But thats how I do it.
Best greetz,


I had problems with Press-It labels, causing read errors on my mp3 dvd-r’s.

I established that the labels caused a weight-throw imbalance, which created problems with my DVD-ROM Drive on the PC.

Funny thing was, they played on my m8’s PC OK, so I assume it depends on how “tolerant” the read drive is. In view of this, I never tried them on movies.

Since then, I have played safe and stuck to a marker pen.

I use the Casio cw-50 cd-r title printer. It uses a thermal ribbon that prints directly on the DVD (usb based to PC). No imbalance or warping. A very professional look (red,blue,silver or black ribbons).

I have used labels from the start and have not had any problems playing them on my DVD-ROM drive in my PC or my RCA stand alone player. I have also lent these DVDs out to friends and they have not had any problems either. I use the Imation SoniX CD/DVD Label Kit.

is this a dvd2one problem???

no im pretty sure this aint to do with dvd to one cos the movies play ok in psx2 and my home sony player…

there is a couple of machines im having trouble with just trying to get to the bottom of it, i started this thread this afternoon because someone said to me it is probabally the labels ,

had the same problem tonight on a matsui got to about half an hour or so into movie started to skip and finally froze???
disc ok on psx2 and pc.

gonna try these machines as soon as possable without labels and ill post the results…funny thing is someone has said above that they had problem with pressit labels, this is what im using.
cheers for the help

Some very nice thin labels here:


These are translucent (no-wobble) thin labels so you need dvd’s without any writing on them. The gold top of the dvd has a very nice effect on the lighter portions of your artwork.

I personally never had a problem with adding thin labels.

Personaly i think that if adding a label is stopping or causing read errors in some players you need to find better dvd media to burn on. your disc’s have to be extremely thick to be causing rubbing. Unless your unsing some sort of card board for labels :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: j/k :slight_smile:


Hub labels just cover a small area around the center hole, basically the area that is not writeable.


Mine would freeze most of the time or just not been seen (no disc error).

I don’t think it is bad dvd’s since they play fine without the labels. I think they may cause a slight out of balance condition if they are a little offcenter or too much ink on one side or have an air bubble or whatever, and some players are just too picky to play them while others are not.

Originally posted by goober22
I don’t think it is bad dvd’s since they play fine without the labels. I think they may cause a slight out of balance condition if they are a little offcenter or too much ink on one side or have an air bubble or whatever, and some players are just too picky to play them while others are not.

Yep … This is exactly my experience too.

I think Goober22 has summed it up well.

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Used CD Stomper labels on all my dvds with no problems for the last 4 or 5 months. I think it depends on the stand alone player. I have a Pioneer 344 & Pioneer 355

I have had problems with labels even though I used a labeling applicator to make sure the labels where perfectly balanced. I found that the freezing and pausing happened on some of my friends standalones but worked okay on some others. This problem occured on some movies and not others. I tried different types of media and even the best quality media suffered the same problems.
The next thing I did was to remove the labels from the discs using turps and then completely washing them after with washing up liquid and rinsing with water. This was messy and time consuming but the end result was worth it… ALL of the discs played perfectly on all of my friends machines including my own. I do not need any more convincing that LABELS can cause problems with SOME machines. I now use a TDK thermal printer on Ritek x4 DVD-R media burning on a Sony DRX-5000UL. I have since burned around 40 movies and ALL play without any problems.