Disc Juggler Settings

I was hoping someone could help me with Disc Juggler, Ive used it to successfully backup SafeDisc 2.X games (settings found in another thread) and was wondering if anyone knows the settings for Securom NEW?
Not 4.8X, mainly the one protecting Warcraft III and Diablo II.

Edit - Ive just read the thread asking for DJ settings for kareoke CDs and followed the link in the thread, however there were no tutorials regarding protected PC game cds.

Read and write raw with pq subs. [Note that if you use a Lite-on (and many other drives) as reader, you’ll also need to read and write r-w subs as the pq subs won’t be extracted correctly without all subs being read.]

When reading, you should also check ignore read errors as many securom new cds will produce a read error or two right at the end of the dumping process.

[Note also: You’ll probably have no luck unless the source cd is either an original or a copy made with dj itself. My tests with dj show it rarely succeeds in copying a copy of a securom new cd made with other apps.]

Thanks for the info, so on read and write I select PQ? And that will read all the sub-channel data? What about scan gaps/indexes?

I have another problem, since its a mates CD’s that I bought off of him, (cheap because he scratched the CD’s :frowning: ) would that be the reason that my DVD drive (JLMS XJ-HD165H (CH11)) reports quite a few read errors at the start of the disc, however my burner, Lite-On 52246S (6S0C) doesnt.

Since you’ve got both a Litey dvd and cdrw, you’ll need to check read raw and both pq and rw for a good read.

Since the cd is scratched, you’ll definitely also need to check ignore read errors too and hope for the best.

No need for scan gaps and indices though.

Good luck (with the scratches, you may need it.)

Yep. Had to supply 1 dummy block at the end of the disc. I forgot to mention beforehand, I had “Check CD data blocks with software generated EDC/ECC when reading in RAW mode” checked, and it came up with a lot of ECC/EDC errors, so I dont know if it will create problems after it is burnt.

Would this be because of the scratches?

Also, with the above option unchecked, I dont get ECC/EDC errors, just the 1 dummy block being supplied at the end. Although the image dump took about 20 seconds longer.

Which image do you think will give me better results?

PS - Thanks a lot for all this.

The one without the phantom read errors.