Disc integrity problems on 2 different drives

I’m having severe problems with burning CD-R’s on my system. A while ago I sold my Mac G4 and bought a PC because I couldn’t burn CD’s with my Plextor 24/10/40A. The writing would stop after writing the lead-in, leaving a see-through hole burnt into the CD-R :eek: This problem was also occuring in the PC so it was clearly the drive which was faulty.

I bought a cheap LG 24x10x40x which could burn CD’s but had verification problems in 100% of the cases using Nero. At first I thought it were the media that was the problem, but it also happened on Apogee and TDK CD-R’s on ALL available speeds.
I upgraded from Win ME to W2000SP3 but the problem was still there.

So I figured the LG drive was faulty as well so I bought a Plextor 48/24/48A. The problems were still present. I now created an ISO image containing large ZIP files to do some serious testing on different speeds. I tested Apogee, Philips, Sony, Ricoh and TDK media on all available speeds, but still had CRC errors in 100% of the burnt discs using Nero.

I read somewhere in a forum about Plextor drives that the fault was likely to be a problem with Nero, so now I also got hold of ECDC and Alcohol, but the problems are still occurring.

I have bad verification errors on 2 different drives with 3 software packages on 5 different media. I guess by now I have wasted over 80 discs on testing, and I urgently need to make backups…

What the heck can be the problem here?? I get a message at startup about the 80 conductor IDE cable but read somewhere that this shouldn’t matter…

Could it be a hardware or software problem?

If anyone has an idea, please help!!

System details:

  • ECS Elitegroup K7VTA3 (latest firmware)

  • AthlonXP1500

  • W2000 SP3

  • Plextor 48/24/48A (latest firmware)

  • Plextor 24/10/40A (broken drive)

  • LG 24x10x40x

  • Nero

  • ECDC Platinum

  • Alcohol 120%

Try to use another ssoftware, and if ur prblm not solved, try to configure irqs in ur bios of board and in device mangr, and try to install windows xp home edition, and whcich type of data r u using to burn,:bigsmile: :cop: :a :eek: :cool:

I’m burning large zip files because I can do CRC checking then. 6 ZIP files of around 100MB each.

I can’t install Windows XP because I can’t backup my system ATM, and I don’t think this would solve it anyway…

What do you mean by setting the IRQ’s? Just random values?

OK there is some progress :bigsmile:

I managed to burn a good CD-R in safe mode at 4x with Alcohol after I threw out my DVD drive, changed the IDE cable and jumpered the Plextor’s DMA.

Now I’ll try getting it to work in normal mode, cuz safe mode sucks :bigsmile: