Disc in cdr drive

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hi I need some help,I put a softweare disc in the dvdr to load a icam ,the computor froze ,in the middle of instaing ,how do I retreve it,tried rebooting,no look

It’s possible you may have killed the drive. If the light on the front of the drive blinks when rebooting, then at least it has power. There’s a small hole on the front of the drive, about the size of a paper clip. Inserting said paper clip into the hole will open the disc tray. Getting the drive to work again may not be possible.

Hi RitaM,

Do you need to retrieve the CD? Or is the PC itself having problems?
If its the cd you need, then there is usually a little pin-hole under the tray which is there to release the tray. You need to poke a paper clip or long pin down there and try connect with the release mechanism.

Hope that helps.