Disc image formats?


DVDFab only supports iso and ini files when opening disc images. However, the file format of iso is identical to img, nrg and mdf (and probably some others that are simply regular iso files with different names).

So why doesn’t DVDfab include these file extensions in the filter when opening an image? Currently, the user has to rename the image to *.iso to be able to open it with DVDFab - that’s unnecessary and pretty annoying…


I do not have an application that produces a DVD disc image with any file suffix except .iso. Some produce the ISO and an additional file (Fab produces .ini) but DVDFab will read any .iso file produced by DVDShrink or DVD Decrypter just by selecting the .iso suffixed file with the Source ISO icon. What application are you using that produces a disc image that Fab will not read?

Nero, Alcholol 120% and some other softwares produce iso files, they just use different extensions, like .img, .nrg or .mdf. Despite the different extension, they all are ISOs, so DVDFab will read and process them. Just the stupid file extension filter of the “Open Image…” function of DVDFab doesn’t include those other extensions. So one needs to rename the extension of the images to iso before DVDFab shows them in the “Open Image…” dialog.

That’s very uncomfortable and could be fixed by the developer in about 30 seconds. I just hope he reads this forum!

I see what you mean. Excuse the denseness. How about the other developers start to use the industry standard file extension? As did the original developers of DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter? I mean, why change?:confused: Although it would be an easy fix.:iagree:

Enter . in the file name text box and select open.

Or you can enter *.img if you just want to see files with the IMG extension.

Yes, that will work, but don’t try to open the preview window. Instant crash. And probably equally annoying to Dr. Crane:) . But except for the preview problem, the bastard file is processed normally by DVDFab.

I know I can enter . or *.img but as signals said, this is equally annoying and unnecessary, if DVDFab would have the other extensions in the filter list.

Of course it would preferrable that all developers just use ISO, but convincing all of them to do so is much more difficult than adding a few characters to a filter list, I guess…