Disc Finalizing

I once read a post giving instructions for finalizing. I printed it and have misplaced the paper. :doh: Could some one help me with this issue? I think I have a couple discs that fab said finalized but did not.

Maybe something like this?..I’ve posted something similar 2-3 times recently.
Anyway, hope it helps.


I’m at work and I can’t tell if the link isn’t working properly or it’s the firewall, etc.
The thread and post are:
[B]DVDFab Platinum Beta didn’t finalize properly [/B]

[I]Re: DVDFab Platinum Beta didn’t finalize properly

A few suggestions:
Change media to Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and yes, good move stepping down your burn speed to 8X.
Change Write Type from packet to SAO.
All is not lost with your unfinalized discs, you may be able to force finalization.

>Right click on the Fab icon
>Left click on Properties
>Left click on Find Target
>Left click on PcSetup.exe
>Left click on + in front of Patin-Couffin
>Left click once to highlight appropriate burner
(Unfinalized disc should be in this burner)
>Right click selected burner
>Navigate to bottom and click on Unfreeze/Finalize media

Hope this helps.[/I]