Disc error message after finalizing on +R (985A)

I have a DVDR985A that has performed well until recently. I’ve been trying to archive MiniDV tapes and seems to record ok until I try to finalize the disk. I then get the dreaded “disc error” message. I’ve been using Memorex +Rs without problems until recently. The system files have been downgraded from 12 to 11h but the problem still exists. Otherwise, it still plays regular DVDs just fine. Any thoughts on what can be the cause of the problem? Is it time to trash the recorder and get a new one perhaps?

I think the blank discs are likely to be the problem. ‘Memorex’ as a brand put a lot of rubbish quality discs under their name, and even though you might buy them one week and they work, doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be the same type of discs the next pack you buy.

If your PC has a DVD writer you could probably do some tests to verify the disc quality. Otherwise I would recommend something like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden 8x discs… or 4x if you can still get them.

I had a problem on my Philips DVD1000mk2, when attempting to finalise a Verbatim +R I got a disc error message, the DVD there after was useless and had to be binned.
It also happened to the next +R disc I tried to finalise so I don’t even use the recorder anymore.
All the information on the discs was destroyed, even DVD decrypter couldn’t read the discs.
If you have a burner on your computer you should try finalising it using a programme such as DVD decypter. :bigsmile: