Disc Error Burning DVD-R's But Play Fine when Burning DVD+r'd with CopytoDVD

Maybe someone can help. I had a hard drive crash & had to reinstall Windows XP Professional. After the reinstall every dvd-r I tried to burn would play in my computer thru Power Dvd but would not play on my stand-alone ( Toshiba 3900 ).

I would get a message saying disc error and it would eject the dvd. I thought it was the media I bought at a computer show a few weeks ago so I tried a Toshiba dvd +r and it played fine.
I used the same files that were processed thru dvd to one before I got the error with the dvd -r. I eliminated Dvd2One as the problem after using the same files with a + & - r disc.

I then bought some diffrent dvd -r’s ( Memorex ) and got the same disc error.

I read that some people have had problems after installing DVD Xcopy Xpress because they both use the Pattin Coffin burning engine. I installed Xpress after installing CopytoDvd.
I tried uninstalling Xpress & uninstalling CopytoDvd & deleting all the registry entries for both programs & then reinstalling CopytoDVD and I still burn coasters.

What does not make sense is that +'s burn fine while -'s give me disc errors.

It’s not the media because both types of dvd -r’s I have burn & play fine on my standalone using Xcopy Xpress.

I don’t want to have to go thru another reinstall of the OS. I have 2 Burners both Sony’s one is a 510a & the other a 530a. Everything was working to perfection before the hard drive crash so I don’t think it is hardware related.

Please Help

I have had almost the exact same problem. Except, after I reinstalle dt the OS, I couldn’t burn anything at all with my 510a. It would not read any DVD, much less burn onto a blank.

So I got a 530 warranteed. I’ve had no success with -R’s (they too play on my computer, but not the standalone) . I have both Xcopy Xpress, and Copy to DVD as well.

I know that sony will automatically say it is the third party software’s fault by experience.


This must be a software problem. My burner functioned fine before my clean install, and my stand-alone player (Sony NC665p) played all media fine before.

Now, I can only get DVD-Rs to play on my computer. Still haven’t tried other stand alones??