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I’m new to using Disc Dump, what I was wondering was why my Physical Disc Drives do ( NOT ) show up in either the ( Drive Config ) window or the ( Select Device ) window :confused:

But the strange thing is, that when I have the Virtual Drives on Daemon Tools installed v3.20, the virtual drives are the only drives that appear, but Not my physical ones

I would appreciate anyone who could shed some light on this strange situation.:bow: :bow: :bow:

MANY Thanks !!! : )

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I forgot to mention that I recently installed ( Windows XP Service Pack 1 ) and thought that might have had something to do with certain software not working properly!?.

Thanks for looking at my post : )

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You must have ASPI set up properly. What I had to do on my XP SP1 machine was download the 4.70 ASPI, make a shortcut to the regular installer (not the XP .bat file) and add the parameters -debug -force. Now it’s working good.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I will try that and get back to you and let you know how I got on :smiley:

Even after I followed the instruction in this thread for installing ASPI 4.7 and the newest 4.71a2, disc dump still does see my drives. However, like Streamline, it will only recognize a virtual drive set up by clonecd:confused:

DO NOT install last aspi of adaptec

Install 4.60 from for example forceaspi

Hi There

Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply!.

I now have the problem sorted, I have just recently done a clean install on my computer and upgraded my Aspi Layer to version ( 4.71.2 ) now everything is working perfectly.

Thanks for all your feedback guys. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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