Disc Dump Takes Forever On JLMS-165H

I only use discdump for Safedisc protected games, and since I switched to discdump for reading I havent had a failure yet so Im glad for that.

However, I went to backup NFS - Underground (Safedisc 2.9 according to ClonyXXL) and like always its excruciatingly slow (ie. around 1 hour to dump the image) going over the bad sectors even with Safedisk method selected in Disc Dump Frontend v1.3.

I have ForceASPI 4.6 installed, trying to read with a JLMS-165H.

So, is it just me or does this happen with other people?


It shouldn’t take an hour, however, I’ve noticed that as SD revisions have risen so have reading speeds in LITEONs. As Jackass pointed out, there are also good and worse original pressings. CoD is a lot slower than say PoP:SoT.

You’ll also find that the errors.log created by DD will make a second read much faster. If the error sectors match from disc to disc then a read should only take a few minutes. My LITEON 52x burner takes nearly 11 minutes to read CoD but less than 5 for PoP

Yeah, the time to dump the image has increased along with the safedisc revisions and it is a lot quicker doing a second read with the .log file

Perhaps Ill try my 52246S instead. Dont think ye old 24102B will be much better :wink: