Disc Dump problem- help, please!

I’ve been trying to make a backup of Sims Unleashed which has Safedisc 2.8 protection on it. So far all the threads I’ve read dealing with Safedisc 2.8 mention Disc Dump for the image and FireBurner for the write. I now have these, but didn’t get far. DDump frontend doesn’t “see” my CDROM! I have an LG DVD/CDRW combo model HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4480B. Does anyone know what the deal is?
Also, I noticed that all the threads I’ve found dealing with CloneCD and Safedisc 2.8 say that CloneCD won’t work, but all of the references to CloneCD were version 4.something. I have version, so will this version handle Safedisc 2.8 under certain settings or still no dice? Thanks for any and all help! :bow: