Disc drives write faster than they read?

  • BE14NU40 on DVD-R
  • Read ×12
  • Write ×16.
  • SH-S203 WriteMaster™ TS-H653B on DVD-R and DVD+R:
  • Read ×16.
  • Write ×20.
  • BE16NU50 on BD-R/DL:
  • Read ×12.
  • Write ×16.
  • LG and Pioneer BD drives write DVDs slower than the DVD-only drives.


Why do disc drives write faster than they read? Is it because of reducing the long-term physical stresses on the disc? An ×24 DVD-R should be able to be read safely at ×20 or at least ×18, but many disc drives with higher hardware potential only reach ×16 or even ×12.

Disc drives such as the DVR-107 from 2004 have managed to reach full ×12 reading speeds on DVD-ROM DL, while technically superior and newer drives such as WriteMaster™ SH-S182 only reach ×8 reading on dual layer, which is irrational.

Irrational disc speed limitations?