Disc drive wont read cds :(

my disc drive wont read cds and i went to device manager an this is what i sew

simply delete both drives from device manager and restart windows.

wont work i tried that alry

Did this just suddenly happen?
Have you changed anything in the comp recently?
Are the drives recognised by the motherboard on start up?
Have you tried deleting the secondary ide channel and drives and rebooting?

nope i havent changed anything on my comp
what do u mean by deleting the secondary ide channel and drives and rebooting
unistalling them?

It may be that the drivers are causing problems. If you delete as suggested and reboot, windows finds the standard drivers and reinstalls them.

ive almost had the same problem on my computer, but my computer will not read ONLY CD’s with software on them, it will read DVD’s and CD-r’s

can i deleate them and then have them come up again? will that help?

what settings have you got them on are they on primary or secondary controller??