Disc Cover Printing

Dont know if its the right section here, but also didnt know where else to put it.

I need to print some disc covers for my DVD collection. But they will be in the small square sized since i’m going to be using some of these, so i can get rid of their boxes, cause they’re bulking up my place. Question is what paper should i use?


In A4 i think you can squeeze 2 covers, but on A3 you can get 6, cause you get to use half of the width that’s wasted on the side.

Since there’s going to be like 200 or more of them, i will be assigning this job to a printing house, and i need to minimize the cost, so thusly i need to choose the right size of paper.

You’ll be doing front & back printing? Or single-side and leave the other side blank? If you’re using a printer, they’ll probably have best recommendations.

Also, if you’re using an actual CD Jewel Case - not just ‘that size’ -then the paper is lifted slightly away from the surface of the disk to issues of “acid content vs disk surface” may not be as big of factor if I was using a Paper ‘Sleeve’ container.

Now i’m only doing front, but i wont be using my own printer, i will be assigning it to a printing house.

also i will not be using a jewel container, but something like a paper cover, but it will be transparent, not like the usual one with the circle hole in the middle like this