Disc Copy works with errors ignored

I have a bunch of disc that were recorded a couple years ago that will only play with no errors on the machine they were originally recorded on. I tried ISOBuster and it would read some of the bad ones after puting in a bunch of dummy data or 0’s but the time to transfer was so slow it wasn’t a practical option. I’ve dinked around with copying them to my HDD then doing a reburn which is fine for some but others give redundacy read errors. I have started to do a disc copy on them in Nero with the ignore read errors option checked. and the error correction checked. I read them and burn them at 8X and they seem to play on all of my players with no problems. I haven’t sat through one yet from start to fnish with source material I am totally famailiar with to see if parts are just missing or what it did to the blocks that it reports bad but ignores.

Any info from those that live & breathe this stuff?