Disc closes

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S182M / TS-H652M. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all,
I am new here and have a question for some of you experts out there. I have the Samsung SH-S182M burner and am having this problem that only started after installing XP SP3. I use quicken for personal use and have been backing up to a cd until the cd is full and then start with another. Well I upgraded my OS from sp2 to sp3 by way of formatting and reinstalling all software. Now when I try to save to a cd the burner closes the disk every time. I have installed other software like Ashampoo Burning Studio and tried burning a few files to a cd and the same thing happpens, the disc closes at the end of the session. I went into the options to check and make sure that the program was not set to close the disc which is was not. I am lost here and could use some help. :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello again,
I didn’t get any resoponses here but I was able to figure out my own problem and thought I would share with others that might run into the problem that I had. When I formatted and reinstalled all of my apps I made one mistake. I have a mother board with a Nvidia chipset and when I installed the drivers for the chipset I didn’t deselect the tick box for the ide drivers, so they were installed. This is what caused the problem so I had to install the windows xp drivers for the Ide controllers and my problem was solved. Now my disc’s don’t close automatically and I can continue to save to a disc until it is full. Hope this is helpful as this seems to be an unusual problem. :slight_smile:

Good job. I was going to recommend removing the old version
and reinstalling the new so it didn’t conflict. Enjoy the forum and
don’t worry you will get a response in the future.