Disc Cleaning Question

What’s something good to use to clean fingerprints, etc off of discs with? I used to have something that was in a spray bottle that came with a disc cleaning kit, but it ran out. Do I need to buy something specific to clean discs with, or will something around the house be just as good?


Isopropyl alcohol. $.98 cents any drug store

and make sure you use a very soft cloth like the kind that come in eyeglass lens cleaning kits.

never wipe around in a circle because if you’re going a little too rough and doing any damage, that will damage consecutive blocks causing read errors. for this reason always wipe from the center out to the edge.

Together with some lint free tisues. :wink:

Your both right. The proper cloth is the hard part. Soft yet no lint or dust. Use a paper towel and you can see the scratches. An UNTREATED lens cleaner cloth for a camera lens might work also.

Microfiber cloth for a camera lens is the best i have found.

eyeglass cleaner(think about it) plastic lens, clean and polish.
clean but well worn handkerchief

crappy polish should be removed with mild soap and water

Crappy polish…meaning?

Thanks for all the advice guys.

As for the cloth, I have a disc cleaning machine that has a small chamois type of pad in it; I had just ran out of the liquid cleaning solution.

Also, I have been using Windex glass cleaner. Is that a no-no?

The eyeglass cleaner suggestion reminded me of something I forgot I had. I have some Novus brand plastic cleaner in a spray bottle that I had bought for cleaning my dirtbike plastics. It’s a light cleanser with no abrasives in it. Wonder how that might do?


crappy polish as used in disk cleaning all in one machines(cheapo kind)
when I went to clean some disks bought second hand from a rental company,
a white milkish film would appear, mild soapy water removed. Manual polishing
restored disk with mininal application of polish/repair.
Just like heat sink paste, what you use and how you apply it that matters.
restoring a disk is an artform best perfected after a 100 or so disks