Disc Channel loading without Modchip or cIOSCORP

Download and install priiloader v0.3 beta r48 with correct hacks.ini

Download —> priiloader v0.3 beta r48

Download —> priiloader hacks.ini

Enable System Menu Hack: Force Disc Games to run under IOS249

Change the Settings: Use System Menu IOS : Off and IOS to use for SM: IOS249

enjoy playing backups from disc channel without installing a modchip and without installing cIOSCORP.

i have found a few bugs.

You cannot play any of the new games that give on 002 error (Tatsunoko vs Capcom, No More Heroes 2) and when you set the IOS for SM to use to 249, you cannot access the SD card thru the SD card menu.

Thank you soooo much troy512 awesome :slight_smile: