Disc can't be play after changing the bitsetting on PX-716A!



Ok I have a PX-716A model with all the latest updates. But whenever I changed the bitsetting of the dvd+r disc to make it to dvd-rom disc using Plextool Prof , and burned a dvd movie. The dvd then won’t be able to play on the drive anymore, it couldn’t even read it. I tried to play it on my other stand alone dvd players, none of them play. This is even worser than not to change the bitsetting, because I burned some of the dvd+r dvds, and they played fine on my stand alone dvd players, and of course it played on the PX 716 drive. so what’s going on guys? anyone has this problem ? thanks.




Let us know the steps from rip to burn. From other threads you post, I see that you rip a +R and try to burn to -rom. I got similar problem months ago. I use to rip with dvdshrink and save the iso in my hdd. When I first got my 712a, I tried to burn a year old ISO and it cant playback. I also tried to rip and burn the same movie from +R backup and still wont playback. I posted and whine about my “712a problems.” It turned out that my 712a was fine and either: (a) the old ISO was not compatible with the new version of dvdshrink, or (b) the ISO is corrupted. If this is the case, try to rip from a real dvd-rom movie with your current softwares.


Well, I just tried again, but this time instead of burning directly from a dvd+r disc, im burning from my hard drive, and it worked. But then I brought the disc to my work to play on this Panasonic DVD-RV31 player. And it couldn’t read the disc at all eventhough the disc is set to have bitsetting (dvd-rom book type).
My friends 's dvd-r discs worked perfectly on this dvd player, so anyone see any problem with the bitsetting? Because I thought bitsetting suppoes to make dvd+r discs readable on all dvd players? I have a Plextor PX-716A model burner with the latest updates (including Plextool Prof).


Then check this out http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=116155


so after reading that link, even dvd+r discs with bitsetting won’t be able to play on that dvd player at all? or is there another brand that has better compatibility for that dvd player? like BeAll dvd+r discs? or any? that u know?