Disc burn Problem HELP!

Ok anyone who solves this gets a prize…I have a pioneer 105 cd/dvd writer which was working fine up until recently…I think that after I installed a game with starforce it went a bit funny… I installed the game and used star force removal tool but Im not sure if this caused the problem or not in the first place…

If I burn a disc image for vcd/ dvd film it burns ok …if i burn a image for a game/ software it wont …if i try to burn a data disc it wont burn either… using nero versions before 7 it says burn successful on what ever i try but data disc and image disc for games/software are empty… when i use nero version7 it says fixation error apart from discs burnt from image for vcd/dvd

I’ve updated the firm ware and tried other burning software with the same result…

Please help its driving me nuts… Shlarty :slight_smile:

oh yeh Ive also tried different type o media also… :slight_smile:

pretty please…

You OS installation is bugg0red.

Install new from scratch.

is that the only option…ru taking the piss :slight_smile:

Try your drive in another computer. If it works ok then the problem is your computer. If it has the same problem then it’s the drive.
It could be as chef says starforce has shagged your os.

any ideas what it could be buggered with the os…I reinstalled xp about a month or so ago and spent the w/e installing everything again i want to aviod that if i can…i was thinking of upgrading the cd/dvd drive …would that cure it??

Flashing a firmware cannot resolve such software issues, also no hardware troubles.

Time for a 1608/110/A10 for $38 at Newegg.com!

Oh well no prize for anyone… :slight_smile:

Did you try your drive in another computer?
Is the drive working alright?
Have you tried a friend’s drive in yours?
You really must do some basic diagnostic before proceeding.

If the os is damaged severely then a format and fresh install is the best and quickest way. Look how much time you have spent already trying to get the system back on line and tell me how long it would have taken to reinstall the os and all your software?

When you have sorted it out take a clone/backup of your C drive to help you in 10 minutes instead of days. I use Acronis true image but any of the good backup programs will do.

well your right i should do those things… but i cant be arsed… ill buy a new drive and if it dont work ill reinstall xp…i was hoping for a bit of tweaking of the registry or a reinstall of sommit and that would fix it… :frowning: but its not too be…
Thanks anyway…

also if i do a clone/back up of the c drive to speed up the reinstall wont the “problem” be cloned?

Possibly, but ONLY if the clone was made before you installed that blasted game with starforce on it.

hello again…well i bought a new burner…LG super burn all discs at high speed writer…and everything works fine again… :bigsmile:

i thnk if u disable ur starforce removal it will work cz this kind of applications r called ATIP hiser and it can mess ur burning process. U can read the faq for more info.