Disc-At-Once not working Easy CD Creator 9

Hi, I recently purchased a new HP computer with Roxio Easy CD Creator 9. I transferred some WAV files via my home network that are set so each song flows perfectly into the next one. On my old Adaptec CD Creator 4 running on Win98 I had no problems with Disc-At-Once using the exact same files, now even when I select Disc-At-Once on the new version there is still a small gap between each track.

The individual wav’s were prepared in Sony Acid Pro 4 so the song jumps into the next one on the very next beat.

There seems to be nothing I can do to fix this, I’ve tried using different options such as altering the speed of drive, selecting “Stage to hard drive for better quality”. I have “Disable system autorun” unchecked (the default setting), but I am not sure what that means.

Anyways, no matter what I do, there is still a small gap. I can’t believe that 9 year-old technology can get this right and a drive so new it has LightScribe on it cannot.

Now, is there something I should do with the options, is there a program someone knows for a fact that absolutely does not leave gaps between songs? Also, could this be a built-in feature on Vista to prevent anyone from making a perfect copy?

Any help appreciated.

Use burrrn instead.

that program does not produce good quality. is there anything else?

Take a look at Ashampoo Burning Studio 7. The trial is free, btw.

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HP uses whatever drive they have laying there at the time and slap it in,tighten 4 screws and plug the cables in. Please tell us what the good ol’ boys/gals at HP gave you.

The Media ID (MID) would be useful also. Shouldn’t really matter at this time though.

Ashampoo seems to have done the trick. Very fast speeds as well. Zigzags, I’m not sure as to what kind it is, I just know it has LightScribe on it so I assume it’s fairly advanced.

Personally, I think Roxio was told to make it that way.

Ok, but Easy CD Creator cant do it without a small gap of a very disturbing microsecond?! That cant be true…

dolcekid: Download VSO Inspector (free) and it will tell you what burner and FW you have plus all the information you will need on the burner and media