Disc-At-Once faliure sulution!

This is the easy and probably best fix that you can do when you
get disc-at-once faliure with no particular reason.

I’ve read alot of guides and tips about your settings and defragging
your harddrive getting the latest driver version and so on and on and on.

I’m sure that these sulutions are good and all but does not reall
issue the problem that you have. See what has come to my mind is
that usually when you get disc-at-once faliure it’s because your
system cannot preform. But it really isen’t your systems fault being too slow
or too dodgy.

The problem is that you have a leech in your system. WINDOWS!
Windows have all the power to use your computers capacity how
ever bill gates wants it to. This will be that it prioritize other things then
your dvd recorder, wich eventually causes you to loose data while
recording your dvd’s. WE DO NOT WANT THAT!

I Have a 2,56ghz duron, brand new dvd recorder and verbatrim discs
and still had to trash everyother due to disc-at-once faliure even though
I had set the recording speed to 2.4 though it’s supposed so be able
to record in 16x. Belive me I WAS PISSED!

So what you need to do i kick Bill’s ass and tell windows to do what YOU
WANT. Not what it feels like at the moment.

What you need to do is the following->

*Open up “task manager” (hold ctrl+alt then hit the delete button)
*If you’re in the “program” tab, then select your nero program.
*Rightklick on it and klick on “go to process”

Now you’re in the process tab with your nero process selected.

*Rightklick on your selected prosess.
*Go to priority and select “high”
*Now close task manager and BURN BABY BURN!

!!!Note you have to do this everytime you burn a new dvd!!!

I recommend still leaving you’re computer by itself not doing anything
system demanding on it to keep it safe.

And I still run on low speed even though I have never had a problem yet
with 16x speed anymore.

I also do not recommend setting priority to “realtime” since I have no
knowlege if nero uses other processes wich would be ignored in
realtime priority.

Hopes this clears alot of disc-at-once error problems out there!

/Mvh räven

Hi, this is my first post.I found this site after googling Disc-at-one failure, you may gather from this I have this problem. I followed the instructions given and when I clicked on High priority I got a warning message as follows:-
“Changing priority class may cause undesired results including system instability. Are you sure you want to change priority class”, I dont know, do I?.
What could happen?

Someone having this problem?

Hi, yes. As you have read I encountered a Disc-at-once failure when trying to back up some photos onto DVD. I had backuped most of the photos and it was whilst backing up some of the others that it failed and I got a warning as shown. A solution was given and when I followed this I got a warning that “Changing priority class may cause undesired results including system instability. Are you sure you want to change priority class”. I just would like to know if I can continue, not knowing what may result.