Disc-At-Once/96 with Lite-On SOHW-832S?

Hello ppl,

I Have an question about my Lite-On SOHW-832S.
I can’t select the disk-at-once/96 feature.

I Only have track-at-once and disk-at-once wich i can select.
When i go to the ‘Choose Recorder’ option of Nero, and check at the ‘disk-at-once’ feature, it tells me ‘DAO/96’.
But why isn’t this option in the burn options at ‘Write Method’?.

Thx in advanced.

A damn good question… Same here. Is it a “feature”?

I’ve noticed that as well. Doesn’t do that for my 48161H. I don’t use my 832S for CD burning (that’s what the 48161H is for), so I haven’t tried this myself… but could you try another app to see if it still does the same?

Maybe the Nero forum might be a better place… :confused: