Disc Analysis

Hey there, ive got the DVD Movie Evolution, it has protection and is mildly scratched up, i hope the minor things ive done to it will actually make a difference so when i copy it, there will no longer be skipping. From what i can tell basically DVD Shrink analysizes a disc seeing what to look for, then encodes what it has seen on the analysis. Once DVD Shrink analyzes a disc, it remembers that disc for who knows how long. Well i want to re-analyze this disc fearing that the old analysis has been crap and has skips in it. Is there any way for me to make DVD Shrink forget the analysis that has previously been made on it?

delete files from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DVD Shrink

or just search your HDD for the dvd Shrink folder. when you find the analysis files, delete them