Disaster struck my Plex 24X



Keep the kids away from your computer :slight_smile:
I was lazing after a nice dinner when my oldest came shouting
" the burner is making awful noices"
What happened was, I was backup:ing a PS2 game while eating...my youngest (9 year girl) which recently (yesterday) got a taste of internet sat beside the comp when the backup was finished...and she got the CD out...not closing the tray. When she shouted for help with her surfing my son dived in there to help...yes...dived....right on the tray.
When I arrived at the scene there where some strange plastic whirrs so I shut the computer down. The tray was in a strange angle...so I dismounted it and took it apart. I take a pride in understanding the mecanics of things, and this was a piece of cake...I thought!
Well...to assemble it correct was´nt a problem, I had to eject the tray once of my Plex121032S once to have a sneak inside to see which side a pin should be of.
But when starting the computer again the drive just is dead...well not totally dead...it is flashing the LED light three times and then a pause...and then three more flashes... and so on.

Anyone had a similiar experience?
Or am I forced to buy a new (faster :cool:) drive?
FutureProof has been postin a lot about Asus 40X....I have a look if that drive is able to do PS2......But...a Plex is a Plex...!
LOL...I am always looking for excuses to buy (read: faster) things...but this one is the best yet.


yes my 24/10/40 makes terrible sounds when reading a cd is that wath you are meaning ?
its becomes since i turned my computer on his side

is that your problem also … ?


The mechanics are not that difficult. Check to see of your laser assembly moves freely. By hand, check to see if the tray and the laser assembly move OK. Tray closed raises your laser assembly. Check to ensure all the ribbon cables ect. are correctly connected, meybe one of them is loose.

I’ve opened my Plex 12/10/32A for cleaning and lubrication, if something does nog operate OK and you don’t know how to fix it, you are free to ask.

PS, your tipic states Plex 24x, your post 12 ?.. Typo?


no if i want to fix it i send it to plextor i have got 2 years onsite garant on my burner


Thx everybody for fast reply
I think tried everything except tryng to move the laser assembly, will try this tomorrow.
Oc maniac–> I do not think that the warranty is valid when running into the tray. I think is is like buying a new car and crashing it into a stonewall…you cant blame the cars construction…can you?
I´ve previously worked to many years in a sporting goods department and discussed to many tennis rackets/skis to believe that…but thanks anyway.


oc maniac: I have both Plex drives…I looked in the working one.

It seems that rody66 was right and I was wrong. I got a reply from Plex support that the warranty should have fixed/replaced the drive if I not had opened it. I would never have thought that a drive that is broken by accident and not mecanic default would be fixed/replaced by Plextor.

So here is a lesson to be learned…if you have a plex which you have in any way destroyed…do not open it until you have checked with support.


Yes, I had a very wierd experience similar to this.

I was sleeping, and one of my brothers did something to it, and it started making a noise which sounded like it was getting hit by a hammer. Like a loud clicking noise.

Anyway, I had to take the drive apart quite precariously, and I slot the tray back in. I was literraly sh*tting myself, but luckily it worked perfect, even wrote at 24x which amazed me.