Disappointed with failing WOPC and SB with duallayer HP

hi there ppl…
i wonder if its usual that solidburn and wopc fails?

these features were two of the major reasons i decided to purchase a “benq 1650”… ive previously had problems with readability errors after burning Hewlett Packard “2.4x +DL discs” (on a nec-3550), so i finally decided to get a new recorder to address the issue… WOPC and SB sure seemed like the solution…
…but now… after wasting 3 DL discs, all during failed burns (failing at around 15% complete in all these softwares: Nero, Alcohol and Imgburn with the following msg: Invalid Address For Write) im now very disappointed by the quality of these features…
to not be 100% negative here i want to say that the rare overburning-capability rocks though! …i still havent tested it yet, but after reading so much about succesful attempts on this forum it just cant be bad …overburning is still the 1st and foremost reason i bought this burner.

P.S. i still have one HP DL disc left so i will retry burning on some other burner like a new lite-on to assure that the hp-discs isnt 100% responsible for the cause of error

Too bad DL discs have a big defect: only Verbatim ones proved to be reliable media, and all other brands have a really high variability, with most being really poor quality discs.

I think that your problem is not related with the burner nor with WOPC / SolidBurn

I suggest to try with a Verbatim: this should solve your problem :slight_smile:

I have a few spindles of these HP DL discs, so far they work pretty nicely and I’ve been happy with them, probably the next best choice after Verbatim. Scans I’ve seen from a couple of other people that bought them the same time I did looked similar - these were spindles of 20. Solidburn doesn’t even function with DL media at all I don’t believe, though WOPC will. I don’t have a 1650, but I do have a 1640 and 1655. I haven’t burned one on my 1655 yet, but they work fine on my 1640, Pioneer 111L, NEC 2500, Benq 1670. Haven’t tried my Liteon 165P6S or other drives yet. The 1650 and 1655 are similar drives, they are awesome for SL media but their reputation for DL isn’t quite as good. You might have a poor batch, your drive might be doing a poor job with the discs, hard to say. The Pioneer 111 has a great reputation for DL and I have to admit it does do a good job. I also had some problems with my DL burns and got a number of coasters (not these discs but any DL would probably have the same issue) when burning in an enclosure with a low quality power supply, DL burns seem pickier about the power supplied to them compared to SL burns. So your power supply would be another thing to consider.

thanks for both of your feedbacks… i must have a bad batch… i purchased this 5pack (small cakebox) 10 months ago and thought i could make another attempt now with this one (benq) to do a succesful burn with these discs but apparantly not…
btw the mediacode for the HP’s is: CMC MAG-D01-00

actually i have a cheap PSU so ill try to address that as well, but verbatims (both SL and DL) and taiyo yudens burns flawlessly and give excellent scores in cd-dvd speed…

btw, i tried overburning yesterday for the first time… only +25mb, and the result in the scans were almost flawless… actually better in the OB area than on many other parts of the disc… i used verbatim (single layer), manufactured by taiyo yuden

As geno888 suggested you should try Verbatim. :slight_smile:

SolidBurn has no effect on D/L DVD or CD-R only S/L DVD, but only use Verbatim D/L media.

(thanks again for these replies…) thats what ill do from now on… unfortunatly DL discs r very expensive in europe or atleast in sweden… we’re talking about US$3-5 / verbatim DL disc… im lucky though that i found a guy importing Verbs from the US so i pay $2.85 / disc.
but of course this price is better than wasting money on discs that doesnt work…

Absolutely! Cheap discs are no bargain when they
don’t work, especially true with DL.

one thing though that ive experienced with the verbs (dl) ive burnt so far is that theyre degrading rapidly… im not sure if something have gone wrong with the burns… but the initial scan gave me 95% quality score but the day after it only resulted in 65% …today it scored 0% with max 506 pi-failures… just before the layerbreak it starts ascending from 10 pif’s into an upward curve to the max of 506 pif’s and after the layerbrake it decends in a similar curve back to 10 pif’s… i can still read all the files from the disc though (and all files pass crc checks as well) but the drive slows down around the layerbreak…

perhaps i should try burning verbs dl with the overspeed option enabled instead…

I’ve never heard of that problem with Verbatim. :confused:

Well, I turn off my solid burn for known media. And HP media you got there, they are POS and thus the faulty is from your media, not your burners. if you ever buy DL media again, dont buy anything else but Verbatim. Good luck with your future DL burning

One thing I know for sure with my Verbatims, they give me the very same scans one year later… (see attachment).
Discs bought (5-pack) at Elgiganten 1½ year back. :wink:

OverSpeed option might be there but your drive will burn MKM-001 nicely at 4x speed. :smiley:

Verbatim MKM-001 burned more then one year back with DW1620 (B7W9) 4x ImgBurn ISO (movie, Alexander t.G).
Disc plays well on my two standalones and PS2.

They aren’t ‘POS’, and it’s still possible that the burners or Power Supply are a factor in why they are not working properly - I burned about 10 DL coasters with some other DL discs before I discovered that a cheap power supply was to blame, and some burners are more tolerant of cheap power supplies than others. SL burns with the same cheap power supply were fine with only occasional coasters, so DL burning is also more sensitive to a decent power supply. Mine are working quite well and several others that bought them recently also are getting similar results. Verbatim discs are better yes, but these HP discs work well with some burners at least.