Disappointed in 3500

Just got a nec 3500 and while it seems to read and write just fine, I just noticed that the headphone jack and volume control are missing. Cost savings I guess. Also the LED on the front always lights up a solid green. On my old Plextor the LED would light up green for reading and orange for writing. I miss the 2 color LED a lot.
Is there any place to download an operators manual, I could not find one on the NEC web page.

My god… you are dissapointed becouse the LED isn’t lighting up in different colors? Are you using the drive for watching the LEDS? or burning the discs?


Don’t form a final opinion until you see how well it burns. It beats everything I have seen.

Headphone jack?, whats that? use another drive for that crap.

Jesus, LED and headphone jack have become the most important criteria these days it seems. Doesn’t matter if the drive produces coaster after coaster, as long as the LED is blingin’ in the right colour…

Bring on the “bling bling” edition, NEC!

I know my next drive HAS to have a blue light. I have a green and a red already and I just have to get the complete set. I actually think that some TDK has a blue light.

Interestingly, some OEM drives have all the connections for the headphone behind the faceplate.

I don’t think I’ve ever used the headphone jack on a drive.

Now I just have to hope someone will release a drive with a black LED so I can finally stop using my 3 1/2" floppy.

Ha Ha, hook line and sinker. It was so easy…

Are you saying you started a new thread on a technical forum, just to see if you could wind people up?

…and that would be worse than a genuine urge for bling bling-ism, which is rather funny imo.

Touché btw.

Yup, you are right. When someone makes a comment that makes no sense and wants information we often will answer the comment and send you to the link where you can get what you asked for. Boy, are we stupid.

this was not funny–maybe when u really need help people might think you are crying wolf again----not funny

Don’t Feed The Trolls :cop:

Or the poor attempts at backpedalling :slight_smile:

This is more likely.