Disappointed about DVD burners

Got my Benq 1620 retail box a few days ago and so far I am disappointed. Out of the box, I kept getting session errors with Nero two seconds into the burn (2 coasters), using Maxell DVD+R 8x. After a firmware upgrade to the latest version, my DVD burner successfully burned a DVD (using Nero After scanning it though, I found lots of PI errors and failures and only 96% quality. Subsequent burns gave me quality in the region of 93 to 96. After looking through the forum, I found that some had better success and less errors. However, it seems that some people have good scans with a particular media while others don’t have as good scans on the SAME media even though they are using the same burner.

Why isn’t there one standard media that doesn’t give these errors? I should be able to go out and buy a pack of DVD+R’s and not worry about the compatibility. I can’t believe that I have to go to Best Buy and spend more money on another media brand for the purpose of testing it (as opposed to the purpose of actually using it to reliably back up my data). How many media brands will I have to “test” before I get one that gives few errors?

Is it just me, or are there are others that feel the same way?

Depends on what you are after…

Personally I don’t mind paying for quality…some brands are better than others…(usually I use the best kind of media…while trying to get that media at the lowest price possible).

This is why I recommend buying straight from the manufacturer. Maxell could be one of a number of manufacturers so I don’t trust them. Try picking up some Taiyo Yuden DVD+R or -Rs and you should see the lowest possible error rates. There is a reason why the media is so highly recommended :wink: If you are going the +R route, Ricoh isn’t a bad choice either.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Taiyo Yuden DVD+R at any retail store. This is why I am fed up with the whole thing. If I were to go to the store to buy floppy disks today, I would not be concerned who the manufacturer is, or whether my data is safe. Why shouldn’t it be the same with optical discs? Why can’t I go to a retail store and buy media that will work without errors? Why should I have to go directly to a manufacturer to get good media? Doesn’t this bother anyone? Shouldn’t all discs for a specific format be made the same way to conform to a specification or standard so that consumers are not running around looking for that one magic media that works well with their particular product and firmware?

Plus, these seem to come in only bulk packages. What if I order a cakebox of 50 and they still don’t give me great results? Now I am out $30 for something that I only bought for “testing” to see what media works with my dvd burner. Again, this just seems unacceptable to me.

have you tried scanning a pressed retail dvd? youll find errors on that, so i they cant make dvd`s without flaw how do you expect to burn a dvd without errors. it sounds to me reading your first post that your burns are fine and should last for many a year if stored correct.

what dye are on thouse maxell 8X i know the 4X are taiyo yuden. look out for fuji 8X+R they are taiyo yuden.

be thankful your first burner is a benq mine was a fussy liteon 811s :slight_smile:

If having errors is normal, then how do you know if your data has been backed up reliably?