"Disappearing" drive



I have an LG SA-5163D, external, connected via USB. PC running XP,

It appears to install correctly, but after a while, it no longer appears under My Computer. and I have to turn the device on/off and then it seems to “reappear”, but not always. Then it is a PC pwr OFF/ON job to get the device reconncetd/recognised.

I thought the device would stay configured forever once I had connected it.

Any ideas please.


Check in the Devicemanager, some suck enclosures via USB decide FOR YOU (how ridiculous is this??) to disable when idle after a specific time…


As chef says. The default Power Management for USB ports in Device manager is power off when idle. Uncheck these settings on all your USB ports & you should be OK.


OK, have changed the power magement on all USB root hubs to NOT PWOFF the device, but still it disappears.

Any other ideas?



Seems I may have been a bit premature; this drive now seems to be behaving as expected - i.e. does NOT disappear now that the power management seetings have been changed. Probably needed a reboot to take effect.

Thnaks for your help.


Well “here today - gone tomorrow”. The drive stayed visible all day yesterday, but today when I started my PC it is no longer there!

I tried PWON/PWOFF the LG drive but no difference; it has not reappeared.

Any suggestions anyone?

All ideas gratefully received.


If I PWON/PWOFF the drive I get a fleeting (for a few seconds) “safely remove hardware” icon in the tray, but it doesn’t stay there.

I’m baffled!


This is probably a USB driver problem. Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the USB drivers?