Disappearing drive

My computer has a matsonic mobo and a sony RW DW-D22A dvd drive. I was having problems with the bios not detecting the drive and sometimes detecting it as “RONY” rather than “SONY”. Whenever this happened, windows(xp-pro) would fail to detect the drive also. I cross-flashed the drive to lite-on 1633s and now sometimes the bios doesn’t detect the drive or else detects the drive as “lite,on dvdrv rohw,1” (it should be “lite-on dvdrw sohw-1633s”), as before, when bios fails to detect or detects it wrong, windows can’t detect. When the drive does work, it works really great, but it’s starting to be a pain in the rear.

Welcome to our forum. Strange problem, never heard of before. Just a wild guess, but I suspect it’s a failure in the mobo or bios, rather than in the drive. The only thing I can think of, is to check (or replace) the IDE-cable. If that does not work, I would seek warranty. In that case you should flash your drive back to a DW-D22A…


Check the back of your drive, sometime when installing a new drive you can push too hard on the ide cable and bend a pin. This will result in the drive not being detected. Just a thought.

Sounds more like a mobo problem to me I had a Matsonic mobo a long time ago
that did the same thing. It would loose either the hdd, CD-Rom, modem or all
three of them at the same time and after a few re-boots it would find them again
and some times it would do like you said yours was doing it would say they were some
other brands than what they were. I replaced the mobo with another brand and never
had anymore problems after that. :clap:

I suppose that’s what I get for using a $12.00 mobo. I thought that may be the problem because I used the drive in a different computer with no problems.