Disappearing drive syndrom (Optiarc AD-7200S / AD-7201)

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7200S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am posting hopefully linked to this other post for AD-7201 as my problem is similar.
I also ordered this drive from Newegg online. It is Sata. I have an pavilion A710n older HP. I am running XP service pack 3; as well tried on pack 2. This drive is missing in device Mngr when problem occurs. It also is at random. However rebooting does little to help the problem. I have pretty much tried everything offered in the earlier thread that I could figure out. I do not think I have a raid system. I have deleted my partition a reloaded windows clean. Problem persisted with no software at all. The drive shows in the BIOS. Usually I can’t find it in the DOS format at Command screen. I am not sure if that is normal though. I have contacted Microsoft and was directed to downgrade to service pack 2 and see if that worked. It did not. I have no emulators. I was going to buy a different DVD RW, however the tech at the shop suggested that it may not fix the problem at all.
I have asked the question a few times in other places. I could send the Hijack this file if anyone has any need and advice for me. Thanks
My knowledge is moderate at best.

After a power failure and restart of my computer I have lost my cd drive. Task manager shows the cd rom but the drop down box shows that the Optiars DVD RW AD-7203A ATA DEVICE failed to reload correctly. I tried to reload drivers but an error 19. It says Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration (in the Registry) is incomplete or danaged. I’m running windows Vista Home Premium. Can someone help? Thanks

Don’t you ever used google?


[QUOTE=chef;2493178]Don’t you ever used google?


Be quicker and easier to refer to the manual than finding anything on Google these days.

I guess it helps if you pay them for a response, because that’s how stupid the net has become with Google leading the way!

And how is your post supposed to give a solution to the OPs question??