Disappearing Book Type Setting

Is there a reason that this feature is disappearing with each subsequent version that is released? = No more book setting for my TDK 420N +RW Burner = No more book setting for my LiteOn 451S -+RW Burner

I hope they correct this.

Any input would be greatley appreciated.

I have also found the book type appearances to be a little erratic - have not worked out what to do as yet tho.


Sorry to ask… newbie
What is book type and how do I check it?


Setting the Book Type is setting how the DVD is recognized.
Standard store bought movies and games are identified as DVD-Rom.
DVD+R and +RW are recognized as +R and +RW respectively. With this option you can change how the DVD media is recognized. Such as changing the DVD+R to be recognized DVD-Rom. This increases the compatibility of such media in players that normaly would not play +R/RW media.
At least that is how I understand it :slight_smile:

Ok, so how do I check for it? or set it? Is it in the Nero software somewhere?


Here’s a good read to help understand Bitsetting