Disabling xp built in software?

Do you guys reccomend disabling the windows xp built in burning software if you are going to use another burning software program? Thanks Bob

I usually do because if I ever accidently let go of a drag and drop on a burner by accident, then its over - ever annoying reminers that you have files waiting to be burned at each startup.

some people have had problems with WinXp’s built in burning software.
probably a good idea to disable it if you’re never gonna use it.
i’ve never had a problem with it so i just leave it alone as i use it sometimes.
hasn’t caused any troubles with CloneCD, Nero, or even with Blindwrite installed on my system.

hi im new how do i disable xp built in burning software can someone please help me out thanks in advance for any help im using xp professional ok
from phillip cole

disable the IMAPI cd-burning service