Disabling the WOPC Tool in BenQ QSuite

I just bought a BenQ 1640 oem. I use only Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media. I was getting terrible burns and I coulldn’t understand it. I finally downloaded QSuite and disabled the WOPC Tool and now my burns are at least 1 min faster and the quality is superb. Maybe I missed something but this topic is not talked about. How is this tool different than Quickees WOPC Tool?

Mine also works with Philips firmware. =)

Wow! I thought the WOPC was supposed to help facilitate better quality burns. Woah!

Alan - what do you mean by terrible burns ? Quality score ? PIE ? PIF ?

Have never tried disabling WOPC - tend to get 98%/99% most of the time.
Presumably it is possible to disable WOPC and then enable again later ?

will give it a go

You can enable and disable it at will. If you reboot it will reset to default (on).


Absolutely, with the BENQ QSuite you will have to disable inbetween everytime you boot your computer., it is enabled by default. I can’t believe the difference, but you have to use quality media. My burn speed is so smooth with WOPC disabled, no more drop offs from 12x to 8x and back to 11X. Why would they immplement such a tool? And still nobody tells me the difference between this tool and Quickee’s.

@ HarrySmith- If you use quality media your burns will still be in the high 90s and you get a much faster time, I have mine speedpatched with MCSE, but even without it your times will be better.

Just tried Qsuite with wopc disabled using Yuden000 T02 burned at 8X.

previous burn with wopc enabled gave me 15772 PIE (max 10) PIF 64, Jitter 8.34% 98%
with wopc diabled 10520 PIE ( max 10) PIF 97, Jitter 8.14% 98% quality.

No real difference - perhaps it has a greater effect at higher speeds ?

And still you have not read post #2 :slight_smile:

Yes Ala42, I did read post #2 but I was wondering if it was just the same tool or his did other things beside disable and enable WOPC.

WOPC is supposed to compensate on the fly for variations in the media. If the media is very high quality, it should not even be needed, but the only way to tell if a disc is perfect is to burn it. I have never turned mine off with any 8X media and anything I have read indicates it will only increase speed not increase burn quality, as seems to be the case above.

I would have to guess that variation were due to media. I suppose that some drives could be different though; BenQ seems to have a lot of variation. It is one of the few drives I have seen where you have to test your drive out for everything.

You see what I mean and I will bet you had a better burn time.

What values do you look for to see if the quality is within range with WOPC off? In CD-DVD Speed Quality Scans, I mean.

  • PI Errors (PIE) - 280 or less
  • PI Failures (PIF) - 4 or less
  • Jitter - 10% or less
  • Quality Score - 70 or more

About right?


… when using ECC1, like on a NEC or Liteon drive, 16 when using ECC8, like on a Benq drive.
Please to not ask the same question in several threads, crossposting is against the forum rules.

Sorry about that. Just trying to get a handle on the range and overdid it.

In response to your info, are there more variations than just ECC1 and ECC8?

ECC1 always = 4
ECC8 always = 16


Adjusting PIF from 4 to 16 for BenQ 1620 or 1640 - I think it is almost impossible to produce a disk anywhere near as bad as these figures unless you want to.
It is possible if you over or underspeed crap media or run a pc with a poor hardware or software setup. But using yuden0002 T02 at 8X I would be amazed to get more than 15 PIE, 6 PIF, 9% jitter and a Quality score of less than 97%.

Testing is unlikely to show up a bad burn any more and is probably done mainly in a vain attempt to get a burn with a total PIF score of less than 5

Thanks for the info HarrySmith. Much appreciate the answer. :slight_smile:

So the BenQ 1620 and 1640 are the only ones that are guided by 16 instead of 4? NEC/Liteon/Sony, etc. all have a max of 4?

Have just timed 2 burns

(1) wopc enabled - 7 min 12 sec 9863 PIE, 59 PIF, 8.24% jitter, quality 99%
(2) wopc disabled - 6 min 50 sec 9418 PIE, 140 PIF, 7.99% jitter, quality 96%

wopc would have been 99% without 1 spike ay 3.7 gig.

At 8X I can’t really see that it makes much difference - disk differences more than explain any score differences But yes it is slightly faster

I almost always get better quality burns with WOPC enabled…

What chas0039 said here is all you need to know.

Test YOUR drive, and go with what works for YOU. No two Benq’s will be the same. WAY too many different variables at play (systems, power supplies, temperatures, media batches, media storeage conditions, burner temperatures, disk fragmentation, etc etc etc).