Disabling the built-in CD burner prog on XP

For the peep that have XP ,
how do we disable the built-in CD burner prog ?
since i lost my HD 1 month ago … i lost all my shit …
and i can’t find it now. And when we disable this proggy , can we install DirectCD ? cause again because of that proggy (it sux) we can’t install DirectCD, u know the program that allow to copy-rename-delete-etc files from a CD-RW on windows explorer.

Thx for the one that will help me !

Easy. Go to control panel, then administrative tools, then services. Scroll down till you see IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service, double click on it or right click and select properties. Then set the run setting from manual (that was the original setting for mine) to disable, that’s it.

There are 2 alternatives:

  1. Roxio DirectCD - CDRW & CDR
  2. Nero INCD - only CDRW

Roxio works fine with XP. Not tried INCD.

I think the new version of InCD works fine. If I was you I’d go for that program called CopyToCD, its free, www.copytocd.com. It integrates into your shell and allows you to just right click on a folder, file, or a group of files and burn it to either a cdrw or cdr. It’s not packet writing, so it never locks your drives, no compatiblity problems with either my Lite-on 32x or my Plextor 24x. There’s no program running in the background, and only runs when burning, taking in little sys resources. I only use this program, Nero, and CloneCD on my pcs. I hope you’ll give this program a try, it works really well.