Disabling SCMS Copy Protection on Burned CD-R: Denon CD Recorder-Nero 9.4.39

:confused:Hello and greetings,
I burn analog sources onto CD-Rs with a Denon DN-C550R Professional CD Recorder. The burned CD-Rs are encoded with SCMS copy protection; SCMS is defeatable while copying from a protected CD, but it is still applied to the CD-R. I have ripped the CD-Rs onto my hard drive as .wav, .wma, .mp3 and .mp4 files using both Nero 9 and Windows Media Player. Nero allowed me to rip, edit, and save the different file types, but will not open them back up to burn in BurningROM. Windows Properties (Media Usage Rights) shows that .wav and .mp4 are protected, while .wma and .mp3 are not. Is this a copy protection issue? I have left several (including Nero tech support) scratching their heads. I only need to be able to take a CD-R from my stand-alone recorder, rip it, edit it, then burn it in .wav onto an edited CD-R. Lossless audio is my goal. Is there any way to disable the SCMS protection of CD-Rs on the CD recorder? Firmware? Is the problem with Nero? This process is crucial to my home studio. Help Please!!! Thank you, Eric


try Exactaudiocopy or CDex for ripping. I am not sure if this works for you, but it is worth trying. And rip directly to FLAC.


Thank you. What are the pros and cons of FLAC?

Hi,[QUOTE=Eric Holtz;2538774]Thank you. What are the pros and cons of FLAC?[/QUOTE]FLAC is a [I]lossless [/I]compressed format for Audio.


Thanks Michael for the information. I’ll see if it applies to Nero 9 and BurningROM.