Disabling quiet drive?

I bought a DVR-216D a few weeks ago and am having a problem with games which streams data from the CD/DVD. I have a feeling that it is because of the Quiet Drive feature that makes those few games skip when loading data.
What I’d like to know is if it’s possible to disable this feature and, if possible how?


@ Excelsis,

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The Pioneer DVR-216D does not have the Quite Drive Utility.

Unfortunately you don’t state exactly what type of Game DVD’s you are experiencing the ‘skip’ problem with. Are these ‘skip’ Game DVD’s original Commercially Manufactured Game DVD or they personally recorded copies?

Suggest using N e r o CD/DVD Speed (http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_47716.zip) and perform a ScanDisc surface scan of the ‘skip’ Game DVD to ensure that the Game DVD doesn’t have any errors. A ScanDisc surface scan should not reveal Bad (Red) and/or Yellow (Damaged) sectors. If a ScanDisc surface scan reveals Bad (Red) and/or Yellow (Damaged) sectors indicates that the particular Game DVD was incorrectly manufactured or recorded. Bad (Red) and/or Yellow (Damaged) sectors will cause ‘skip’ problems.

You could try using Media Code Speed Edit (http://ala42.cdfreaks.com/MCSE) tool and patch Pioneer DVR-216D Firmware with the “Read Speed” patch.


It’s on PS1 emulators to be specific, original CDs.

Scanned one of the games and it came out more or less entirely green, with 0.1% yellow (it’s slightly scratched so I guess that’s why?).

I had a look at MCSE earlier but I didnt quite understand it, I’ll have another look.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: Seems to have helped slightly but the problem is still there. I guess it’s just a problem with the emulators rather then the drive, I guess I’ll just have to deal with making ISOs for my games. Thanks again.

@ Excelsis,

As noted in my #2 posting ANY Bad (Red) and/or Yellow (Damaged) sectors can/will cause playback/viewing ‘skip’ problems and/or other playback/viewing problems. ANY Media that has doesn’t have 100% ALL Green (good) sectors is by definition ‘defective’ and cannot be expected to perform correctly.

Using anything other than Original Commercial PlayStation Media in an Original unmodified PlayStation Console brings numerous unpredictable variable factors into the situation. You cannot fault your Pioneer DVR-216D Drive for defective Media (less than 100% all Green (good) sectors) and/or “PS1 Emulator” problems.