Disabling Multisession?

In Nero, are there any advantages to DISABLING the option "Allow files to be added later (multisession disc)?

Avoid issues.

I think Chef had a bad day today.

It depends what you want to do.
If you have " Allow Files to be added" unchecked than disk will be closed after the burn and can be used by other computers, in case of music or movie disk it will play in any player.
If you have it checked, than the disk will stay open, you can add files later, but if you have music or movie it will not play anywhere. This option is usually used for data files, similar to backup.

A lot has already been written on CD Freaks about this subject, and can be found by searching the site for the keyword “multisession”.

It should mainly be pointed out that multisession is not recommended for DVD. The discs are too easily damaged whilst still open, thus losing all the data. The earlier sessions will not be always readable in other computers, or even in the same computer a week later. My own experience is that if you absolutely must use multisession with DVD, then it should be on a DVD+RW where further sessions are combined into the preceding one, and no finalising is necessary.

Multisession is certainly better restricted to CD-R.