Disabling CD-RW drive

I have a CD-RW drive in my computer. There are several users of the computer, but i don’t want anybody else than me to be able to use the CD-RW drive.

Is there a way i can achieve this?

Is it possible to make windows disable the drive for some windows user profiles (i use Windows 98 SE)?

There’s not much chance of anything in Windows 98SE that isn’t circumventable fairly easily. About the best you can do is install the writing software somewhere out of the way, don’t install packet writing software, and delete the shortcuts for the writing software from the Start Menu. Even then, another user can simply install new writing software from CD.

About the only thought that comes to mind is to put a dual pole keyswitch in the power lead (one pole in the 5V line, the other pole in the 12V line) to the CD-RW drive and physically secure the case from opening.

On Windows 2000 or XP you could achieve this fairly easily.


You could put a padlock on the drive tray. :wink:

Disable it in bios and password protect the bios setup. This is the cheapest way and foolproof. The only nuisance is that you have to remember to disable it every time you leave your PC.

Or you can buy an USB-IDE enclosure and drag it around with you when you’re done.

The bios password can be reset by taking out the CMOS battery and putting it back in.