Disabling bits of XP

My search for Knowledge has brought me here (amongst many, many other forums and links to other forums, etc). Love all the info, but I have one question…

Disable the RW drive? Then it won’t work. Or am I missing something… how can I disable the softeware and not the drive itself?

Winxp OS

All you do is disable IMAPI (which has its own traps in doing so), disable the built-in burning off each burner. The burners will still function as normal except for built-in burning. I’d really like to see the XP OS as bare as possible, sell for USD$25 and then let people add in what they desire.

OK, done and done. Now I have IMAPI disabled and the CD-RW is using some driver licensed from Microsoft called ATAPI. WinXP is calling my CD-RW drive a DVD-ROM drive now and it can no longer read CDs. It just says, “insert CD” when I put one in or try to open one up. It can write, though when I use a burning program.

Is this normal? Thinking of getting a better reader anyway. I could use a DVD-ROM I 'spose.

–WinXP Pro, Plextor 2410A, some cheap 56x CD-ROM drive, latest version of firmware.

Well, as it turns out my Plextor is now assigned a new drive letter. The previous drive letter is still occupied with the Plextor “P” icon. This would explain why I was unable to read anything from that drive. And with WinXP you can’t right click on the drive and get the info for that specific drive, you just get a tab called “hardware” that lists all the drives.

Anyway, problem solved.