Disabling Auto Monitoring in CCleaner



I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this.
I updated to this new version & I’ve skipped a couple since the older version I had was doing the job fine. I do like to update occasionally .
What I noticed was a new addition & it is enabled by default.
I’ve unchecked both as I definitely don’t want this feature & it wasn’t in the older version I had.
It is in Options/Monitoring :
" Enable system monitoring "
" Enable Active Monitoring "
Just a heads up for anyone else than doesn’t want this new feature.


Thanks for heads up cholla


bean55 it’s OK that you moved the thread but the thread title is only partial.
The " Enable Active Monitoring " is for auto updates.

The " Enable system monitoring " is for automatic cleaning.
The pro version is supposed to have these selection for it:

Prompt me to clean – CCleaner will display a balloon notification in the system tray asking if you want to clean your PC.

Automatically clean with notification – CCleaner will clean your PC, and then display a balloon notification in the system tray that it has done so.

Automatically clean on closing without notification – CCleaner will clean your PC silently.

I’m not sure which of those the free version uses as I disabled both from the start.It doesn’t have the three selections.
I think a better thread title would be:
"Disabling auto monitoring in CCleaner "


I moved it cholla and I will fix the title , sorry bro.:slight_smile:


Thanks alan .
Some people may want it enabled but I don’t .
For those that do want it enabled it is set that way as default.