Disableing WOPC on my philips 1640dvdr is it possible?

As the post says… is it possible and can i use media speed hacked firmware to do it so i can use all my disks as sonys and yudens :stuck_out_tongue:

Disabling WOPC is possible on Philips 1640P. =P
You can use MCSE to change write strategies and increase read speed as well (on P3.2 and P3.4 firmware… don’t know about other firmwares). =P

ok so u have said its possible… but how do i do it? and can i do it and use MCSE still if ya get what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t say how… but here is the proof. And yes… you can do whatever you like with the firmware in MCSE and it’ll still work.

Right now the easiest way to do that if you flash your drive to a BenQ 1620 Pro with a B7U9 FW and use QSuite to disable WOPC. You have to use a .cvt FW and WinDVFlash for crossflashing. After that you can use original BenQ FW updating exe files to upgrade to upcoming FWs.

erdoke: This is not the easiest way =)

Sounds pretty easy to me. :iagree:

Right now it is for ANYBODY. :wink:

Well… it’s easy… but not the easiest… P3.4 firmware from Philips is as good as BenQ’s latest. So why the trouble to crossflash to BenQ if you gain nothing. This is not a solution. Firmwares like P3.4 and B7T9 are all able to disable the WOPC BTW.

How do you disable WOPC with B7T9 firmware?

The same way as with P3.4 =)

I’m sure many Philips users would like to try it out… :smiley: lol

BTW, I think your PM inbox is full.

If it isn’t i bet it is by now. It’s 5 hours later :wink:

i really like to know how to do it also…

cheers Quickeeeeeeeee…just done my first subb 5:30 write on crappy Ritek go5 disks… lol all this hacked shit makes my philips the best drive i ever had…its like a game :stuck_out_tongue:

Now we have a new gamers. Welcome thebarraster! pinto2: you be carefull…

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