Disabled plugins, development of VB3 template



Since I’m the new owner of Myce, I’ve tried to do a lot of things, but most of it is behind the scenes. As you can imagine a lot has changed on the site since I left and I have to catch up with it again. I will hopefully do more before the scenes things later, but I have to work from the ground up.

One of the things that will hopefully find its way is a new template based on the default VB3 design, this as our upgrade to VB4 is delayed for 2-3 months. I’m very unhappy about the current usability and I expect that it gives us bad ranking in search engines and makes it hard for new members to register.

That said, yesterday I’ve disabled two plugins and some of our staff members noticed that the speed of the site has improved, I would like to hear from you if you can confirm this!

In the meanwhile, know that we’re working hard on the site and that in the process your feedback is important to us! Also if you would like to contribute to the site, please let us know, we’re always looking for people with skills that can be a great addition to our team!


Hi :slight_smile:
I certainly notice an improvement speed wise.
Both with PC & mobile…


Yes it seems snappier


[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2635094]Yes it seems snappier[/QUOTE]


I agree-eh! :clap::iagree::clap:


Good to hear guys and thanks for the reports!