Disabled options in DivxToDVD demo?

Just trying DivxToDVD demo before purchase and so far it seems like a very nifty little proggy, suits my needs just fine.

Couple of questions though.

There´s a few options greyed out (not selectable) in the Options menu, namely:

Authoring (both of the two tick boxes greyed out)
Audio format (cant choose audio format, cant tick Auto select DVD player´s default language))
Tv format (resize tick box greyed out)

Is this limitations in the demo? Or have i missed something? Albeit it´s a demo, but according to VSO Software the only limitations of the demo is time/number of uses (they must have forgotten the way ugly watermark on the movie :slight_smile: )

Question two, how much faster will the registered version convert for example avi to dvd?

They are greyed out as those options have not yet been completed in the software.

Thank you for your answer, i thought it might be something like that :)…very nice teasers though, hehehehehe.

I purchased the software anyway, the check is in the mail :slight_smile: