Disabled my cd drive and deleted SFCURE!~!

Hey everyone. Sorry if this is a popular question but there’s a lot of stuff on the search about sfcure and I had some specific questions. Basically, I downloaded Panzers phase 2 and sfcure was included in the download. This was the first game I had downloaded, and I didn’t get it to work. Recently, I bought Battlefield 2, didn’t have enough space on my HDD and deleted the panzers folder along with sfcure. When I went to install the game, alass, I had forgot to reenable my rom drives!!! I tried doing some stuff in the device manager but everything I’ve tried locks up. So my question is, can I just download any copy of sfcure and reenable it? Does the version I disabled it with have to match the new version? Can anyone direct me either on this site or via email to a download site? (I can’t find it ANYWHERE so I figured maybe its illegal or something) Thanks so much,

here are some links that may be of use to you.



Good luck to you…:slight_smile: