Disabled drives after firmware upgrade

I’ve just put in my new 8x dvd writer and upgraded the firmware - no problems there.
All is still working.
I just upgraded the firmware on my 48x cdrw and now I have a disabled dvd drive and a disabled dvd writer. I have tried to enable again but get the message -windows was unable the enable the drive.
So in short Running xp have a running cdrw but a disabled dvdrw and dvd drive. Any ideas anyone??

P4 2.8
XP - up to date
180gb hdrive
Lite-on dvdrw ldw 811s
mitsumi cr-48xete - firmware upgrade win_482w (this caused the problem)
16x dvd rom
Easy cd 6

I have yet to do a firmware upgrade on a dvd-burner.I think some very specific info on your procedure of flash and system specs may help others to help u:)