Disable Safe Mode (using F8)


I have this computer from my sister-in-law on which I put XP.
Now I have to re-install it every couple of months because it gets all screwed up : viruses, spyware etc.
I install everything but they always seem to mess things up again.
Now I found out they’re constantly starting up in ‘safe mode with network support’, so they can still reach the internet (ADSL). But of course screwing things up fast and easy as no antivirus or antispyware software ever runs !

Is there a way to prevent them from using the F8 key or if not at least disabling the network support ?

How do you screw thing up in safe mode? :bigsmile:

There might be something that can change the button you press… that’s about all I can think of.

Can’t you just password protect the account used to log on to safe mode?

I can’t remember what it’s called, but search google for password manager, and I had one I used for awhile, that won’t even allow you to boot to safe mode, without entering a password.

Was this what you were looking for?: Start > Run > “control userpasswords2”. (Without quote marks).


Sorry guys,

I haven’t got the time to get back to you.
I’ve given the PC back in the meantime.
They started Safe Mode WITH network support (but without any protection) because it went faster according to them. I added some extra memory for this.
I’ll check out the password manager, just in case it happens again.
Thanks a lot for your replies.

The faster thing would make sense as Safe Mode will leave alot of stuff not loaded (eg Anti-Virus).

Back to subject for a second…

I got here from a google search and ended up to this thread – which didn’t really solve my problem, but I felt like posting to see if anybody has used this application or knows anything about it:


Or any other Legal alternatives (hopefully that don’t involve hacking/gluing/breaking/altering the OS too much), are more than welcome.