Disable Region Codes from hard drive?



So I put a dvd on my hard drive (taking the Video_TS folder from the dvd). When I go to play the dvd, I get a 20th century fox logo that says “this disc is not formatted to play in this region.” I gave the dvd to someone so its only on my hard-drive, I can’t re-copy with myDVD or anything. Does anyone know how to disable the region code from the hard drive?


The latest DVD Decrypter will do it.
First launch DVD Decrypter and do this:

Then select the VIDEO_TS.IFO file, and click open, and it will make it region free.

Once the folowing message is displayed it should now work.

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well…now I can play the dvd, but the picture and sound is very choppy and stops very often…I’m guessing this is my DVD burner - or do you have another helpful program???


Download DVD Genie from following web site

programs then appear region free.