Disable plextor 24x speed

I don’t suppose there is any easy way to disable the media speed detection (or override it)?

8x media works just fine in my 12x… Why can’t I risk wasting my time if I feel up to it by burning 16x media at 24x? hehe

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Why do you want to do that? Do these extra seconds (ok, maybe a minute) make so much difference to you? Just try it and see if the Plextor will write the 16x media at 24x… If it doesn’t then it’s because the Plex ‘thinks’ it will give a lesser quality/produce errors at the higher speed. To my opinion I’d rather wait a minute longer and get a good copy than burn faster and get a copy with errors.

Ps. I have a 24x writer here too and I use both That’s Write and Arita Premium Line 16x CD-R’s at 24x without problems.

I have a big pile of Mitsui 16X back from the days when I used to burn with my PlexWriter 412 (that’s last week actualy). And the media works fine at 24X (it worked fine at 4X too). I just love burning cds in under 4 minutes!!! :slight_smile: thought I do miss my caddy :wink:

I have a Plextor 24X, and it seems to work fine at 24X for several differant brands of 16X media I have tried.

As far as I know the drive looks at the info on the media and decides whether it can be written at 24X. It has a database that contains brands and types I think.

If you have had the drive refuse to write at 24X on a 16X medium there is probably a good reason. Plextor is a recognized leader and they probably know what they are doing.

If you haven’t updated the firmware yet, an update may provide the support your lacking for the particular brand of disk you are using.

The Plextor website has the update. They just released a new one v1.03.

The firmware update also makes the light flash faster when it is writing faster. The drive ramps up to the full 24X by starting at 16X and then checking if everythings OK before moving up to 20X. It does it one more time before it moves up to 24X.